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Big grin The Qube RiscOS Server is here!

Here's a little something some of us have been quietly working on for a bit and it's just about in good enough shape to have it's first public outing...
...very much a work in progress.

So what's it about? Well, read the front page rant...
...basically some of us Acorn, um, nuts..? are getting a little cheesed-off with the crappy scene this fantastic platform is saddled with - quite apart from the daily disappearance of RiscOS software and resources into the ether for no better reason than thoughtless neglect...

...This is the beginning of our small effort to put things right.

Things to keep in mind:
-It's a work in progress, so be kind.
-It's currently hosted on my lovely Super-upgraded Cobalt Qube.
(well, if it's retro you've got to do it properly)
-My broadband isn't that board at the mo' so don't go grabbing huge files just for the sake of it.
-My wife's hitting the 'net pretty hard this evening listening to crappy tunes on PooTube
-RadioMUD's really going to hit my bandwidth.
-Did I mention the bandwidth..?
-Memberships are available for the whole extra caffeine / full-fat experience on request.
(Members will be expected to upload interesting 32bit Acorn stuff)

-(Kind) comments welcome.

Oh, did I mention the web site doesn't work well with IE7?

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