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Originally Posted by st-th View Post
Can you be more specific, i.e. which level, what passage etc. where it happened to you? I think I've never encountered this one.
In Luminor's tower, you'll find quite a few traps (pointed things coming out from floor), which you can avoid by going through a secret passage to activate a switch.

The crash happens - sometimes - when you go through the first imaginary wall. Maybe it's by side-stepping, not straight looking at it.

When you go through a door or an invisible wall and rotate, you often end up seeing strange things (in Lebab's tower I even saw things through walls).

Maybe it's linked with that, so you have to look in the 3D engine.

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
Visual problems like these should be fixable by correcting the corresponding map tokens. "Double buttons" (cellar of bandits' house) and auto-map glitches (e.g. Baron Köper's palace in Newlake) belong into this category as well.
I noticed the button bugs in bandit's house too. Good you can fix them.

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
That's because they ARE different levels due to the way the game handles this stuff. Given all the hints about it and that you can buy it easily, the game basically expects you to go there with the egg. Same thing with the bandit problem in Spannenberg. You can fight the final battle with Nagier, but the game wants you to use the peaceful solution there as well (and rewards you with "critical hit training" if you do).
The game perhaps expects me to have the egg, but I prefer to get the xp by killing the monsters first.

About Nagier, I make peace but only because critical hit training would be closed else. I usually do not like leavin' baddies alive

EDIT: I now remember another problem. Take Sabine, and remove all her inventory. Her maximum in spell casting should be 95%, but you'll never reach it (without objects giving bonuses, that is), due to initial object's bonuses wrongly accounted for. I have fixed that in my version. Other characters might have similar problems.

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