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Forgot name. Great old game. Recomend to all.

O.k.. I remember this:
The game is a 2D arcade game.
The main character is a thin alien with big round eyes.
Each screen he had do pass with a combination of moves to avoid some traps/enemies/mines.
I think he was trying to escape some factory on an alien planet or the planet itself.
In most of the screens there was a dog alike guard animal that was patrolling/sleeping.
You needed to avoid the 'dog' by jumping or walking slow so you wont wake him...
He could also walk next to the non active mines, activate them and when the 'dog' was near them he would blowup.
Also I remember he could hide himself from the 'dog' by standing in dark areas.
I remember that some screens were in night so only a dark shadow was of all the creatures was seen..
There was also some kind of floating round thing in some screen that were preventing you to do something (don't remember what) by zapping(?) you.
There was also some kind of two legged camel alike animal that the alien could ride on.
In order to move from level to level you needed to repeat a melody by whistling the same way the other 'free' alien whistles.

I think I was playing it on Win95 (not sure).

Thank for trying to help...
This is a great game that I recommend to all.
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