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Oh well not as bad as some of you but (Since February this year)

A1200 KS 3.1 WB3.1 4GB HD - 100
Scandoubler 115
Easy ADF PCMCIA adapter 13
Competition Pro 17.99
Idefix Express 48.33
External 1.76MB floppy 15
CF to 44 pin ide adapter 2
Too many Fecking CF cards in order to find one that works with Idefix 75 or so
Typhoon Mark II 030 Accelerator 110
64 MB simm for same 18
Robo Shift 5 (joystick splitter)

So that makes (feckin lots) 519.32 (ish)

Thats not including the Blizzard 060 I bought yesterday for an arm and a fecking leg. Non PPC... 275. The PPC cards are just stupid.

And the two additional 1200's I have also acquired for about 100 total.

Probably Circa 1000 which is far too fucking much for an old system lol, however I shan't be happy till I've got it how I want it and I can always flog off the extras I guess.

Best value ? WHDownload key (however much it was)
Worst Value, probably "experimenting" with the CF cards and IDEFix. However now its working I have 16GB Storage

Bloody (old) computers

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