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Oh well not as bad as some of you but (Since February this year)

A1200 KS 3.1 WB3.1 4GB HD - £100
Scandoubler £115
Easy ADF PCMCIA adapter £13
Competition Pro £17.99
Idefix Express £48.33
External 1.76MB floppy £15
CF to 44 pin ide adapter £2
Too many Fecking CF cards in order to find one that works with Idefix £ 75 or so
Typhoon Mark II 030 Accelerator £110
64 MB simm for same £18
Robo Shift £5 (joystick splitter)

So that makes (feckin lots) £519.32 (ish)

Thats not including the Blizzard 060 I bought yesterday for an arm and a fecking leg. Non PPC... £275. The PPC cards are just stupid.

And the two additional 1200's I have also acquired for about £100 total.

Probably Circa £1000 which is far too fucking much for an old system lol, however I shan't be happy till I've got it how I want it and I can always flog off the extras I guess.

Best value ? WHDownload key (however much it was)
Worst Value, probably "experimenting" with the CF cards and IDEFix. However now its working I have 16GB Storage

Bloody (old) computers

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