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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hi Andy,

Thanks for this news!

I haven't got access to a newserver myself, but items like this are always interesting. Keep up the good work!

i got a little carried away and downloaded everything.

i missed a few of the name out in my previous list so heres a complete list of cd's

Amiga FD Inside 366.21mb zip,converted to rar 320mb. *Done 4 files 99mbx3 and 20mbx1
Contents......... 260 MB Modules
94 MB Reflector discs (Raytracing fonts, objects, textures)
Amigagadget 2-18
Bernds PD (88 MB)
ForumAmiga 1-24
90 MB pictures and animations
Warriorsinn 1-18

Registered shareware versions of:
ArtPro 0.88
Eagleplayer 1.54
Superview 4.51
Virtual Interceptor (Game)

Fish & More Vol 1 202mb *DONE
Feature more than...

70 Animations
720 Pictures
700 Icons
450 Sounds
280 Songs
600 Instruments
180 Games
1700 Applications/Utilities
7550 Source files
35 Commercial Demos
48 Programming languages

Fish Market V2.4 308mb *DONE
A collection of FredFish disks #260 through to 1000

FrozenFish August 1995 631mb *DONE
CD-ROM contain a total of 1518 lha archives,
1-1100 Fish Disks+others

GlowIcon collection for AmigaOS 3.5 72mb *DONE

GoldFish Volume 3 319mb *DONE

Music Mod & Sound Effect 329mb *DONE

Texture Heaven 23bit iff texture collection
426 * DONE

Wordworth office 14mb
Contains Datastore 2 Organiser 2 Wordworth 5 Money Matters 4* *English only English and Germany Versions Digital International

[Link removed - Graham]

Going to upload onto need to recompress from zip to rar though should be smaller then, due to 100mb limit, they will need to be split.
current total size of all files 2.60gb, each cd will be seperate so no need to download all just to get 1.
uploading, well my max is a 24kb per sec, so sometime to upload.
I will post the folder link to where i'm uploading not each file.
For those interested in downloading them, I will post a note when each one is completed. Probably using the above list and putting a * Done
i will also upload a par2 file so u can check the files.
1 master par2, for all the files, and minor par2 for each cd with recovery par2 files aswell.
after all the cds have been uploaded.

IF magix gives me permission to upload the cd's to his ftp i will upload there aswell.

link to the amiga folder. had a few teething troubles with telling me i didnt have flash installed when i did.
use the link below to download whats been upped.

[Link removed - Graham]

EVERYTHING UPLOADED added a checksum.md5 file with 2 programs to check

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