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Originally Posted by MoogleLally View Post
Ohhh. Okay, that makes the most sense, since they seem to be the most prevalent thing inside the case next to chips. heh. Now I know the slang!

Also, isn't there a battery I should look out for? I peeked around a bit last night but I must admit, I might not have been paying enough attention.
There'll be plenty more slang coming that you'll not be used to Sorry mate! I should of been more clear, not everyone knows some of these slang words that get used

And just what TCD says, the battery is on the memory expansion, you can remove it and bypass the circuit for it, as it's only there to keep the correct time and date, but for me it's worth replacing if it's gone pfzzzzzzt, especially if you intend adding that HDD from your father, who I'm sure will part with it to save an A500 in need
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