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Thanks for the reply alexh - I know that (like me) you frequent Atari-Forum too, and didn't want to make an enemy of a gamer with such fine taste in vintage computer hardware

I agree that some of these games could be considered to be a waste of a CD... I'm planning on re-using most of them on 1-4 (or maybe 6) game compilations using the C= button-detect utility in the start-up sequence to select a game to load (as on the R-Types disc). The best multi-game collection I've seen to date is the 'Mega Games Vol 1' CD which features a great menu system, but as I'm no coder I'm afraid that button detecting in the start-up will have to do for now...

I also agree that the WHDLoad and install coders are the people who made most of these possible, and as I said, I will ensure they are credited on the site this evening (and recommend people to register).

There are several other sites out there with unofficial single-game ports available for download, but many of them are buggy. Even the 200/333/444/888 compilations have games that don't work properly or crash, but then testing 888 games through would be a real chore, so that's totally forgivable! The games listed on my page have been tested thoroughly, and if a keyboard is required I've explained why (and 90% of the time it's just for the two-player mode or highscore entry).
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