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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
Man that sucks! youve had some luck over the last few years!!

Hope things are improve for you soon!!
Thanks mihcael, i was keeping it pretty silent about what happened a few weeks back with her but sometimes there are reasons that people need to know so they can understand why i was not in touch or unable to attend (such as the Syntax Beach Party), but yes i definitely have had my share of fucked up luck over the last few years that is for sure and she really was everything i was living for, but life will sort itself out with time as it always does buddy.

I will see you hopefully at another Amiga meet (whenever they are, will need to look it up?) although not for a number of months yet, but i will try and bring my A1200 along as i did at the Retro Gaming event. Hope things are well on you end
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