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Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
@Blade002. I did not see you at this years Beach Party or at Syntax Party. Were you to support local events then there would be no need for "wishing".

Amiga and C64 are fairly well represented in their respective competitions at these events.
No disrespect my friend i just meant this in historical terms after the following the European scene since the early 90's in disk magazines i used to download from BBS's, plus its not that time of the year for Syntax anyway, BP starts this weekend, so i am just referencing what is happening right now

I have NOTHING against Syntax but as yet have not been able to attend it because in 2007 i did not know it existed until something like a week after it had ended for that year and then in 2008 i was traveling through South Korea around the time of Syntax and found myself unable to attend again, and then for the Beach Party this year i was not up to attending again because of personal reasons (the woman i was to marry this year left me) which had and "has" left me somewhat devastated as you may expect.

So in not being able to attend Syntax i cannot comment on something i have never been able to attend as yet, but I WILL be there late this year for Syntax 09 and i WILL be supporting it mate.

And sorry for not being in touch, life has been taking its ups and downs since i last saw you, but now i will have more free time to devote to me and to Syntax 09 if life permits and my Amiga doesn't blow up

Sorry if i came across ungrateful, believe me I AM!!!... Now i just NEED to get to SYNTAX 09 !!!!!!
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