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Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
Bah. If they didn't include an autofire option, it was their fault.
Oh, this was my DAD'S rules. We would take turns in games, having little mini-tournaments, and if you were caught using autofire you were disqualified! ;_; he was harsh!

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
If your father has a HD for a A500 you can consider yourself a lucky guy You should really try to get it
Hrrrrm! Maybe a bribe is in order!

Originally Posted by Rabbit80 View Post
Hmmm... kickstarts, boards and... thats it!
Kickstart! I was agonizing over what the name of this program was. Whenever we tried to play Super Frog or Pinball Fantasies, we'd have to use this to shift the screen over so we could see everything. Otherwise our points and lives would roll off the screen.

...ooh, Agony was an awesome game. I gotta remember to pick that up.
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