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Originally Posted by chiark View Post
1991: Amiga 1500, GVP HC8-2000 with 4mb and 100MB quantum disk £900ish
Don't suppose you got that from 1st computing in Leeds did you?

Saturday morning 1991, I phone up 1st computing and ask them if they have an A500 HD8+ external hard drive for A500. They say yeah they are £3xx! I ask them to reserve me one as I'd be driving 100 miles or so. They said there was no need because they had loads and being young and naive I believe him.

Dad and I take a 2hr drive to Leeds, get there about 12pm only to find out they have sold out! Fracking barstewards! All they have left are HC8+ Zorro cards!

Feeling sorry for me (or seeing a mug) they offer me an A1500 + HC8+ card for £700. £200 below normal price (albeit double what I went there to spend!) "But you can sell your A500 for £200! £500 where are you gonna get a better price than that?" they said.

It was the worst buy/deal of my life. An extra £100 for no functionality and the damn thing took up most of my desk!

From that moment on I've been striving to get the best deal on everything. It shaped my entire adult future as to how I look on money and people! Probably not in a good way
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