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Originally Posted by gordonbennett View Post
Just saw the specs.

If it doesnt have a kickstart rom or a motorola procesor then its not an AMIGA
Why use outdated tech.

For the basic set top box, the user would use a remote control or headset.

Apps: Clock, Calendar, Diary

Games: Countdown, Scrabble, Tetris

Hard Drive: 80Gb

Hardware: DVD Player, Games Controller, Headset For Speech Recognition

Memory: 1gb

Processor: Intel/AMD

Software: DVD Player, Opera Web Browser, Speech

Widgets: Google, Yahoo, Youtube

Extra Games(Starting From £9.99): Elite, Populous, The Settlers, etc

Extra Hardware(Starting From £4.99): Graphics Tablet. Roland Wireless Midi Synth, Wireless Keyboard/Mouse, etc

Extra Software(Starting From £4.99): Lightwave, Real 3D, Soundtracker, etc

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