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Unofficial CD32 Conversions (An RGCD Side-Project)

As mentioned on this forum elsewhere, since purchasing a second-hand CD32 console last year I've been working on creating some CD32 ports of Amiga games and thought it would be a nice gesture to share these with the community.

Before explaining further, I'll whet your appetite (or maybe not) by listing the CD32-converted games hosted so far:

All Terrain Racing CD32 (Team 17)
Battle Squadron (Innerprise)
Boppin' (KarmaSoft)
Cardiaxx (Team 17)
Cybernetix (Vision)
Cyberzerk (Boeder Software)
Extrial (Computec Verlag)
Fly Harder Special Edition (Buzz)
Jump 'N' Roll (Amiga Fun)
Hybris (Discovery)
Kiros Quest (Vision)
Micro Machines (Codemasters)
Microbes (Vision)
Paradroid 90 (Hewson)
Phoenix Fighters (Alive)
Quasar Wars AGA (Light Designs)
R-Type (Electric Dreams)
R-Type II (Activision)
Roadkill CD32 (Acid)
Roketz AGA (The Farm)
Saint Dragon (Jaleco)
Silkworm (Virgin Games)
Spatial Hyperdrive (TNGA)
Super Obliteration (D. Papworth)
SWIV (Storm)
T-Racer (Virtual Dreams)
Transplant (Amiga Games)
Tubular Worlds AGA (CD32 Patched) (Dongleware)
Turbo Trax (Arcane)
Turrican (Rainbow Arts)
Turrican 2 (Rainbow Arts)
Turrican 3 (Rainbow Arts)
Virocop AGA (Renegade)
Vital Light CD32 (Millennium)
Watchtower AGA (OTM)
WipeOut (Fist! Unlimited)
WormOut 2097 (LED)
X-Out (Rainbow Arts)
Z-Out (Rainbow Arts)

Most of these games are hosted as .iso images ready to burn (or use with the UAE emulator), the only exception being if they are still for sale online via Amiga dealers. All of them come complete with high-resolution jewel-case inserts and basic instructions (where necessary).

For more info visit

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