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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
1. you can not reach coordinates 1,1 by boat (incomplete read on 1map_texts)
This is a "missing text block" error which indicates a typo in the script files. I have a fix for this. These errors occur in several places, the whirlpool, Luminors Tower, Beast Cave...

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
13. the 3D view sometimes crashes when you go through doors or secret passages (happens quite often in Luminor tower)
I've only seen that happen in one place, the door to Vladyn in Luminors tower, which is a known (& fixable) script typo.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
To alexh : you say that there are lots of checksums in the data files but I have never actually seen one. Are they in the compressed data ? Decrunch routines I've seen compute no checksum...
Before / After each text block there is a data block. I think was described to me as a command & checksum for that portion of text. I believe the command section describes font, size, bold, italic etc. but I cannot remember exactly how it works, nor the checksum. Hexaae might know more as he looked into it deeper.

If I remember this correctly:

The AMB files are encrypted.
The unencrypted files are compressed (with the LOB packer).
The uncompressed files are actually multiple files all concatenated together.

The tools I have (not original tools) decrypt, depack and then split each AMB file into many sub-files. These can then be edited in any text editor.

I have another tool which can join the files back together.

Fortunately the Ambermoon exe will load files which have not been compressed/encrypted as no source for the LOB packer exists.

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