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I have found a lot of quite annoying code bugs too.

Here is my list (dunno if all of them are code and not data) :
1. you can not reach coordinates 1,1 by boat (incomplete read on 1map_texts)
2. I had a crash when the madman made an ice shower
3. sp-stealer sometimes crash (happens a lot on "beast")
4. map view spell while in camp gives incorrect palette
5. palette problem when Tolimar gives you his tools
6. sometimes your horses disappear when you take a transport portal with them
7. in Luminor's tower, selecting Valdyn as party leader makes the ceiling disappear
8. loads of dirts in the map view when you display it in the vessel while on a moon
9. "not enough memory handles available" if you repetitively take the eagle and get down from it
10. "not enough money" if you are in a shop with more than 32767 money and try to buy something
11. levitate from a scroll gives an awful display bug
12. herbs you grab at forest moon are totally inoperant
13. the 3D view sometimes crashes when you go through doors or secret passages (happens quite often in Luminor tower)
14. some herbs in the forest moon can be grabbed any times you want while others can't be grabbed at all
15. musics miss notes on accelerated machines (at least on 030), prob'ly bad dma wait

To alexh : you say that there are lots of checksums in the data files but I have never actually seen one. Are they in the compressed data ? Decrunch routines I've seen compute no checksum...
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