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Originally Posted by Predabot View Post
But apparently the one reason it has survived and had a small resurgence... IS PIRACY! 0_=

You don't actually play the PSP's own games on it, now do you?? You play the games from other platforms! All sorts of Emulators for it are floating around. Sometimes this is something of a peeve for me, as it feels like Sony is standing on the shoulders of giants, supported by the hard work that has gone into other consoles. Undeserved success.
Now we're trolling a bit, aren't we Predabot?
So emulation is piracy per se and the PSP is only succesful because of being able to use emulators? Well I wouild say that the growing number of games and the lower price could be a reason. Surely playing emulated games wherever you want is a nice addon, but don't think that there are still new games developed for it and new models being made (which are not hackable yet) when emulation would be the only reason to buy one.
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