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I like the DS, and I don't even own one myself! The few times I've tried one tho, it's been good fun. ^^

The games-library that it has is some of my fav' brands as well. One of the last outposts for 2D-gaming there is, and what a big outpost it is!

Great Giana Sisters tho... I tried the original on WINUAE recently... but I didn't like it. When you've tried SMB with the NES-controllers and then you try GGS, on a keyboard... Well, I can't even play SMB on a keyboard, since it fucks up the controls, and GGS was just hopeless! There's something unresponsive in the basic physics of the game, some kind of flaw that I don't feel when I play SMB.

Dunno' what it is, but I don't like that flaw.

I'm a bit more positive to this remake tho'! Good sprite-work it looks to me, and the levels are all-new, no longer a rip-off. And Hûelsbeck is back as the composer! With the DS soundchip, I'm quite sure he'll be able to work wonders.

You know... the PSP is a strange beast, to me. I was pretty damn sure, like many professional reviewers and the like, about 2 years ago, that the platform was doomed, since there were so few games that were any good for it, and it sold so little. But apparently the one reason it has survived and had a small resurgence... IS PIRACY! 0_=

You don't actually play the PSP's own games on it, now do you?? You play the games from other platforms! All sorts of Emulators for it are floating around. Sometimes this is something of a peeve for me, as it feels like Sony is standing on the shoulders of giants, supported by the hard work that has gone into other consoles. Undeserved success.
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