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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
The 1200 was under-spec'd when it was released. It should have had VGA output (IndivisonAGA), a CDROM drive (PCMCIA, SAMBA, etc), a better CPU (eg 030) and some more fast ram.
Was it really? I mean yeah, PC's where at higher clock-speeds and had a little bit more Ram out of the box back then, but it did outclass a lot of consoles. ( for some reason, many games don't look quite as good as on the consoles tho... dunno' why.)

And CD-Rom wasn't very common among PC's or Mac back then, at all. And most definitely not on consoles.

The only 2 options for the Amiga 'market' going forward is a 'reasonably' powerful MB with a resource-light OS (eg what the SAM is becoming) or to just port the OS to 'common HW' and go head-to-head with Linux, Windows and MacOS.
I like the first option. Keeping it slim, and keeping it green. Passive cooling on everything, even the PSU, and SSD HD's.

Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
You guys just don't get it do you, until this backwards board changes its name from English Amiga Board to English Emulation Board you will always get pro Amiga ideals...

Some of you need to move on and stop worrying about how over priced Amiga specific hardware is... some of us will buy it anyway because AmigaOS is simply better than what you are using...

Eventually the AmigaOS Hardware will be faster than most of us even need for our AmigaOS experience...

Just change the name and all of us pro AmigaOS people will leave your board instead
Now now, I'm not at all that negative towards the SAM. I think it's a cute little hobby-comp with some unique little things to it.

And for it's intented customers, which can dish out the cash for the unique experience and feel, I think it's pretty good.

So please, remember, there is a few of us grayers that are in-between the haters and the lovers.
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