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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
P.S. Remember after softmodding to enable the extra 2Gbytes of F: if your original HD is a seagate.
Hi alexh,
I softmodded my Xbox years ago. I don't remember if I checked the HD brand... or how to enable the extra 2GB.
How can I check my HD model (without opening the case, of course )?

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Did you upgrade the RAM to 128Mbytes?

I am now thinking of doing this to my second box.... need to find another source of RAM chips.
Which advantage did you get on your first xbox, by installing the extra 64MB RAM ?
Unless you can use it as a cache to minimise HD/DVD reads...

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Google for Enigmah PAL-NTSC Switcher (I'm sure that there are alternatives to this)

This is an alternative softmod to NDURE which can permanently change your xbox to HD for all game titles and apps. While I've never used it, I'm sure some friends used this.
The link seems no more valid...
Have you a newer link?
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