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Hi guys,

Today, I burned the 6.3.2-nto632-200709062316.iso image to CD-R and installed it into a type 78 partition on my 1GHz PIII system (QNX 6.1 and Amiga OS XL already being installed on a type 79 partition on the same hard drive). Again, the installer accepted the perpetual licence key I have for version 6.4.

However, as expected, when this had completed and I attempted to install the AmigaOS XL emulator from the CD repository, I was once more prevented from doing so by "unresolved dependencies".

Bearing in mind my intention to seek help with this from the OpenQNX forum, I thought I would see if I could discover more about the reason for this problem. The full error message reads: "Dependencies could not be satisified for the selected packages using the currently open repositories. Would you like to search all known repositories?". Clicking 'Yes' provided the useful note: "A shared object library (libstdc++.so2.10 for x86) is required for this package to operate correctly". I'm hoping this information takes me one step nearer to finding a solution.

I have previously encountered the "unresolved dependencies" error message when trying to install AmigaOS XL with QNX versions 6.2.1 and 6.3.0. I shall repeat those installations to get the details. When I have that information, it will giVe me a better start on the OpenQNX forum than "Help needed with AmigaOS XL installation", as I seriously doubt whether anyone at OpenQNX has ever heard of AmigaOS XL.

Unlike earlier versions, QNX 6.3.2 is still hosted / supported on the official website ( ), so this is likely to be worth the effort.

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