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Sam system boards are being released one after the other, too soon imho, i wont be too surprised if in a few months they will anounce a 200 mhz faster CPU, that may keep some people willing to invest such reasonable sum of money, waiting for an even faster system.
Os 4.1 looks nice, in that Utube video (thanks for the link TCD), but who will actually develop software for it?
Users must fell confortable with a system that actually brings something new to the market, and can really be used to do some real work, instead of just open and close fancy windows.The software/hardware support is uber important ofcourse.
I remember when i choosed A500 to be my first computer, the choise was based in the fact that the best software (games mostly) was being released to the Amiga.
Sadly, and to be honest, i´m not seeing Amiga Os 4.1 being used in applications beyound text processors, some games and uae emulators, maybe a photoshop or Dpaint like program, at most to play some Mp3´s and DivX´s movies.
OS 4.1 and Sam features are too little, ten years too late.
Still, if i can, i will buy them in the future, not because they rock, not because they are awsome, just because i´m a stubborn moth*r f*ck*r!!!
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