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Originally Posted by aphextwinned View Post
Whatever Blade002 said

Why would I want a SAM over my 1200 ? I know its so I can spend an a small fortune to take advantage of the raft of new Amiga software that is being released every day?

Or is it some sort of Penis substitute ? "Look at me I have an 800 Mhz Amiga".... which does what exactly ? I'm not bashing SAM owners but really... some people need a reality check. The Amiga "died" years ago.... myself, and many others on this board, like it for a nostalgia kick since we can play the games we used to play.... some even use it as a supplement to whatever their main machine is - not a problem.

Anti-Amiga, not at all... I think trhat for its time it WAS a great platform, like Acorn and Risc OS. Anything which encourages people to take an interest is great, including newer hardware. But please don't try and fool me/everyone else and their donkeys that the SAM is the beginning of a great Amiga revival... it isn't and it never will be.... sorry to burst your bubble.

I mean yeah I'll buy a Sam to play Quake 1 with USB and an AGP graphics card... but wait I can spend $30 and buy an old PIII for that as well... or I can download a new GL frontend and play it on my current PC.

"But os 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.6, 4.9, 6.66 x is the dogs balls and all other OS'es are Shit"

Fair enough, if you want to run OS 4x+ thats your priviledge.... although I don't see the point in "playing" operating systems.

Winblows/Mac OS - But its not an AAAAMIIIIIGAAAA! 0neone1 No its not, but theres a hell of a lot more life in the platforms than the current Amiga.


You've bought a SAM... good for you, have fun enjoy, but please dont start thinking that makes you better than the rest of us who are happy with older "classic" hardware. It doesn't, it just makes you look fucking ignorant. In fact that would be doing the SAM a disservice, you are making a fine fist of that on your own.
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