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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
I like the "classic hole" its comfy in here with my REAL amigas.
Agreed. The SAM Amiga although nice in running OS4 is way overpriced (great way to capture a dead market with no support) and is really not what the Amiga was about to begin with.

If you wish to use OS4 though Slayer with all good intent then by all means use it, but please do not use the argument that we all wish to stay in past and not move forward because i tend to use something called "logic" and my logic tells me that if i go spending that kind of money on something with zero support in a world that economically is flailing and so in turn my spending habits need to be reflected more wisely, then so be it.

If i had the money to burn (as i am sure many others wish they did) then yeah i would just go out and buy a SAM board, fire it up and give it shot, but its not cost effective and i would enjoy my classic Amiga a hell of a lot more anyway because you cannot bring back the glory with the SAM board in the same way the Classic Amiga did, and that is a fact.

Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
If your problem is comparable hardware and cost verses the current SAM range attitude then please stay out of this thread... your idealistic mentality is well documented and understood...
No its not idealistic, its valid and its "reality". And how is this thread supposed to "wake us up"? All it has awoken is the realisation that you cannot accept that the Amiga died a long time ago and your lack of acceptance blinds you into believing that you are right and everyone else is wrong because you just cannot "let go".

And no i am not "Anti Amiga", i used my Amiga's from 1990 till the year 2000 and then got it up and running again a few years back, so in telling you this you may say that i cannot "let go" either, but this is not about holding on for me (i don't believe in hording shit) its about a Classic machine with a Classic history with some great memories with the acceptance that it is time to move on by spending money on things that will better serve me "today" and that is something you "cannot" judge others for doing.

If you want to use OS4 then by all means use it and "yes" i do like what i have seen of it, but like i said... Whats in it for me? not a great deal as far as what i can see mate, and spending the money to support something overpriced just so i can support the impossibility of the Amiga's return and i struggle to make my monthly payments as a result is not a viable option. How many people on here do you think have the money to whip out to buy a system that doesn't offer enough support thus in turn the incentive behind it?

And you want to move onto "more positive Amiga orientated individuals"? Your comment is comparable to someone walking into an advanced Chemistry class with the intent of finishing within 6 months whilst doing 4 other subjects and working full time. Its not about being "negative" its about assessing the situation and "seeing" it for what it really is.

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