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Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
I posted this before I saw your post it was waiting approval

I am Pro Amiga whether or not I am cool is irrelevant

It appears a few of the locals here continue to believe they are above following any guidelines or common sense... not much I can do about it
last time I checked me and you are in no position to enforce any kind of posting guidlines... you are overwhelmed with enthousiasm obviously but that does not give you the right to pre-bash people that have other opinion with VALID points.

edit: and the SAM is a bad design, and the FLEX even worst! I would like to see you fitting that in a case... perhaps easy because it comes with no backplate? and YEAH, I WILL POST WHEREVER I like , whether we agree or disagree on a topic, that is what forums are for.
and YES, I do tend to comment on new hardware, see my replies on indivision, deneb etc. If something is GOOD, it is worth saying, like when something is of questionable usage/quality. WHEN YOU DO use a SAM, come tell me more.
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