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Seriously it's kinda funny for me to check out from time to time reactions about new hardware (that's supposed to be Amiga-ish)... Yeah it's kinda cool that OS 4 can run nowadays in more platform that our beloved hard to get PPC's could... But as I saw it in the first place, OS 4 was only just for testing and supporting, and never saw it as a replacement for my Classic Amiga over 3.9.

Running Classic Amiga software/games through emulation on a named to be NextGen Amiga is kinda silly for me since I can do it from my PC under UAE just fine (if not 100% better). Investing such large amounts of cash for new Mobos that can run 4.1 is a waste of money (at least for my taste). I prefer to invest over new hardware for my classic miggies (hail to Amigakit, Jens and E3B)
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