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Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
You guys just don't get it do you, until this backwards board changes its name from English Amiga Board to English Emulation Board you will always get pro Amiga ideals...

Some of you need to move on and stop worrying about how over priced Amiga specific hardware is... some of us will buy it anyway because AmigaOS is simply better than what you are using...

Eventually the AmigaOS Hardware will be faster than most of us even need for our AmigaOS experience...

What will your bitter arguement be then?

as for you KeropiI I have no idea what has happened to you over the years but it is not good. You need to stay out of threads like this... what service do you provide? realism? concern?

Just change the name and all of us pro AmigaOS people will leave your board instead

realism. PURE realism. and don't forget you are talking with a person that owns 2 CSPPC A4000 , one with G-REX4000D and the other with a fully loaded PicassoIV and 2 DENEB cards.(not to mention the various other hardware lying around, 3 subways, 2 kickflashes, a mp3@64 , an indivision , idefixes etc, ALL RECENT CLASSIC HARDWARE, oh and OS4classic). Also an ex-owner or 2 pegII machines, a G3 and a G4. So take your "amiga support" fairytale elsewhere.
So yeah, excuse me if I fail to see the point of getting a 600eur 533/667/800mhz SAM. And there is NOTHING pro on AmigaOS4.
And in 2009 my friend Slayer, can you tell me what is the "AMIGAOS4 experience" ??? And WHY is it better than what I am using right now? You have a 1999 OS running on 2009 that offers next to nothing.
And since EAB is a "backwards" board, then why bother posting here?
You accuse me in the above post that "I offer nothing" and "that I have to stay away from threads like this" , BUT I dare you to answer my above questions. I DARE YOU. go ahead, enlighten me on the glory of OS4 & SAM.

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