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SAM 800mhz Arrives

Imagine me creating a news item? there must be something wrong here! ie generally I want everyone to stay in the dark... anyway

I'll be ordering the newer SAM tonight with 512megs... swap out my current SAM board and use it as a back up and install the newer slightly faster MB with 1 gig memory, if I need a new graphics card, hell, they are a dim a dozen...

Time to join the AmigaOS4.x age... bring back the community spirit...

If your problem is comparable hardware and cost verses the current SAM range attitude then please stay out of this thread... your idealistic mentality is well documented and understood... rest easy that your insight and understanding saves you a fate worse than death... now let us more positive more Amiga orientated individuals decide what we should do with what is available to us today and move on from the 'classic' hole some call home
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