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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Seems to be the last cartridge you will ever need to plug in to your VIC-20.
Exactly! I've been joking around on the VIC-20 forum that I might glue my Mega-Cart into my VIC-20 (and I'm only half joking frankly).

Originally Posted by chiark View Post
Time to mention Robotic Liberation again? Yes, I think so
That's in there too!

Only downside is that there appears to be no way to put more stuff on it, which seems like something that would be useful.
That's true although it's a feature in that the idea was to create something that acted exactly like the original cartridges. Given that everything ever released on cartridge, including the RAM expanders, is in there, there isn't really anything left to add.

There are disk and tape based programs that didn't make it in due to space considerations so I'm using a uIEC as additional storage. This weekend I'm going to install the uIEC inside my VIC-20 to keep it all neat and tidy. I basically (no pun intended) have *all* VIC-20 software at hand.

BTW, it isn't just new hardware for the VIC-20. There is new software coming out all the time. Check out all the software released in 2008 and 2009. 28 years on and the VIC-20 is still alive. It's pretty impressive.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the Mega-Cart. I'm just a really, really, really happy customer.
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