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Excellent thread, Bloodwych! I have emulators for all of these machines discussed here, plus CD's full of software for them. I stockpiled this stuff some time ago, yet never managed to incorporate the time to fully explore the experience of these machines. But I did read up lots on them and always found it fascinating. And very often I will follow Acorn auctions, etc. or study the differences between game software that exists on Acorn/x68000/etc. and the Amiga, and even the way they were marketed and packaged compared to the Amiga. These are cool machines. If I recall correctly, the educational software for Acorn machines was more serious than the more kiddie-oriented educational fare on other systems (including the Amiga). Being that I have become somewhat of a connisseur of edutainment, I should probably dig this stuff back up and have another go at it.

Can you maybe explain the differences in the different Acorn machines and whether they are compatible with each other? I have downloaded software from usenet floods that are labeled as BBC Micro or Electron, yet I really don't understand the differences here. Then you mention the A5000, A7000, etc., so I'm a little lost on that part.

Looking forward to the x68000 thread now!
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