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Originally Posted by Yotoxionomai View Post
I´m sure Sam glitches will be solved within a few bios updates.
But Keropi, would you prefer Amiga hardware and software ceased to be developed? Even with its few glitches i believe its a good Amiga system. Maybe the internal video chip could be better, i´m sure they will review its specs in a near future, at least its not a Vapourware project like so many others we know so well.
my main problem is that the SAM does not worth it's money. I said before, it is of laughable specs for 2008-2009. Users are called to pay ~550+ eur for a motherboard, and then ~130 for OS4. You end up with a computer that costs 800-900eur (depending on what case/psu/xyz you choose to use with it) that in reality runs an OS without usable apps that needs UAE to run amiga software (unless it does not use chipset that is). The main "new amiga" concept goes to drain , it is like using windows with winuae. Only windows actually offer something for everyday use and winuae is better.
Ofcourse I want new amiga stuff to be developed, and I activelly support companies like E3B, Individual Computers, etc ... But I do not want to support anymore that "new amiga" craze: it offers next to nothing and costs LOTS without a reason. My hopes lay on Clone-A or Natami (though I fear natami is vapor , still I wish for it to be released)
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