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Originally Posted by Yotoxionomai View Post
True, but Sam is not "only" a motherboard, its a full Amiga system. Probably its greatest feature, is the fact that its been released in todays market, fully saturated with great PC technology.
But for the price maybe they could add a few more "incentives", like a custom made (amiga styled) mini itx case and keyboard, that would be a nice touch indeed.
a full amiga system? hardly, it is just a mITX motherboard designed for embedded/industrial applications that after a deal it just happens to run OS4. The onboard gfx is laughable (though more than enought for it's original purpose that was designed for) , and the board is plagued with flaws (some greek amiga users have it, to some the onboard USB works, to some not or only 1 port is working). If it was cheap OK, but at this price! even the mITX mobos from intel that cost 85eur with Atom cpus are better...
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