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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Sorry, but the arcade version is playable, while the Amiga version is a jittery piece of unresponsive shit.
You're right - but the controls are awkward. Unlike any other fighting game (incl. SF2-4) you have to RELEASE a button to punch/kick/do a special move.
In the moment you push the button nothing happens - only when you release the button.

The reason being that initially there only was one push- and one kick-button that responded differently depending how hard you pushed them (light, medium, hard).

The game just isn't fun to play.

Btw., MUGEN-games usually suck - but there is this fanmade MUGEN-game (by some Mexicans) called Street Fighter One Upper:

This game is just as responsive as Street Fighter II, has super combos and you can play as every character (SF1 only had Ryu and Ken playable which were both the same character gameplaywise).
This is the only game I know of where you can play as Geki and Retsu. Joe, Mike, Lee, Birdie, Eagle, Gen, Adon, Sagat being the other characters.
As hidden (well, not that hard to find) bonus character there is also Cody (his Final Fight-sprite).

edit (in order to get On-Topic): "Street Fighter One Upper" uses the audio-tracks of the PC-Engine CD version "Fighting Street" (that was the name of Street Fighter for this console)...

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