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VIC-20 Mega-Cart!

The VIC-20 Mega-Cart is the ultimate multi-cart for the VIC-20 that contains 179 cartridge games (I think that's every one ever released for the VIC-20) along with 53 tape/disk games and a bunch of applications (a terminal, a text editor, a finance program and a few music programs), programming languages & utilities (BASIC 4.0, Waterloo Structured BASIC, Forth, a couple of monitors, an assembler etc.) and more. If that weren't enough, it also includes a flexible RAM expander (3K, 8K, 16K or 32K+3K), a reset button and it works with both PAL and NTSC VIC-20s.

Anyway, this awesome device is finally shipping and as it happens, I'm the lucky so and so who received the first one!

Photographic evidence:

This thing is awesome and I highly recommended ordering one if you're into the VIC-20.
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