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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
has anyone installed this to HD from dvd yet ? I finaly managed it but it wont boot of the HD something about misssing os, spos I`ll have to look in to how grub works but surly it should boot after a fresh install
I have it on its own HD (found an old 20 gig) and after 2nd install its all working fine, got USB running too, well my mouse at least, haven't tried a mem stick yet and found a Soundblaster Card in same comp case I got the HD from and might throw that into my comp to get full sound too! (apparently Soundblaster cards are compatible).
It even uses my Nvidea graphics card!

I messed up first install (Did FFS format which doesn't work with the OS boot up) and after reading the guide and the part about using SFS to format got it up and running.

Its really promising! I look forward to the next update!!
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