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Hey FIssuras, the Dreamcast was indeed released here oficially, by Tec-Toy (The company that released the Saturn, the Mega-Drive, the Game Gear and the Master System before)

I can say with no doubt, that by far the most popular console here is the Playstation, and that's because od piracy. When someone asks "What's better to buy, a PSX or a N64?" everyone answers "A PSX, because you can buy games for R$ 10 (Pirated), against R$129 for the N64 games (Original)"

And the playstation was NEVER oficially released here, and still is the most popular console around here, beacuse of this. Both the Dreamcast and the Nintendo 64 were oficially released here., but none of them were sucessfull (The 1st one for being too damn expensive for our standards, the 2nd one because it's not easy to pirate N64 games)

I do pirate games, since I was a child. When I had an MSX, there was NO OPTION but pirate games, as there were no original releases here. The same with the Amiga (Actually, a bunch of original games were published here, around 92-93, but it was extremely hard to find them, and only old releases)

With the PC, I have some originals, but only because I bought them cheap. I have average games like Nightmare Creatures, because I could but them cheap, so I didn't mind. But the new releases are just too damn expensive, so I pirate them.

At last, here in Brazil, budget games got very popular in the last 2 years, so we can find lots of original games with a low price.
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