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From a technical point of view(not movement of most 3d poly stuff obviously) the C64 was obviously much better but the feel you got from both machines was really rather different and not really comparable in how it asthetically all felt of course

If i'd grown up owning a Spectrum then the games i remembered would feel entirely different to those on the C64 - almost always more dream like muddy experiences when i now think back to my time on the Spectrum - almost abstract at times due to it's generally monochrome limitations

C64 was definitely a superior arcade style delivering machine but i love the spectrum's quirks and just general warmth you got - C64 by comparison was like playing on a cloudy day and a little cold an experience - not in any way a bad thing though

For me though, i love the C64's cold atmosphere from it's colours and this probably explains why i love a good dull cloudy day(not the very dark grey mind), but then i grew up on the machine for a good chunk of time

Very lucky of course to have grown up with what were pretty much the most important of games machine in our history, and i think that makes us all basically part of the same club anyway if you were in any way involved with playing or using them

Magical era and i don't like to talk bad about these great machines and times

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