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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
I would assume the marketing for the CPC was better in France. There were no plausible reasons for buying a CPC, if we are talking about games. AMC? Are you kidding?
Yeah Astro Marine Corps mate ! Just so good ! Or even Gryzor ! Yes the marketing was strong, but here is the facts :

Best basic of 8 bits machines ; great ability to get more colors on screen ; a huge load of games from the best publishers (Guess why Ocean has made so many blockbusters on it) ; The sound is quite nice for what they made with it ;

The reason why the C64 didn't made it there is because of the kind of display used ; the overall aspect of the computer itself ; it was not sold with a screen (so many parents
here didn't want to get their kid stuck on the family TV => lack of monitor screen) ;

This computer was not adapted to the french market / to what most french were wanting to get their grip on. Later we will get it with the amiga => colors + speed + sound.

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