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I checked the R-Type module I had. It came from Modland, and that particular one is actually broken. Comparing that to Exotica's version I find a skew in bytes. So this causes at least the buggy string looop people can hear in the SOAMC= collection.

I'm not actually sure how many tunes came from Exotica, I downloaded a bunch from there in late 2006 or early 2007 and then during 2007 mixing some dirs with a lot of downloaded material from Modland. This was to try and create a more fuller package of stuff.

So, apparantly this one slipped through during the download and was not replaced by the fine version of Exotica

I tested a lot of different TFMX players. Some came from Delitracker.lha archives I had from the 90's, some from UADE, some from Wanted and some from Eagleplayer.lha packs from Aminet or my own archive but also the songlengths were extracted on PC with the same mix of players, including the TFMX.dll found in the Deli PC version.

There was a lot of different versions and it was messy when they actually work fine by testing the engines in Deliplayer for PC, only to find them buggy in Delitracker for Amiga, just to be working (I thought) in Eagleplayer

The actual ones used in the last bug re-recording was:
V2.29 21.4.0 and and V1.3 (9 Feb 2002)....proof of confusing revision history too
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