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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
The story sounds very interesting Even if I will not understand a single word it will be fun to 'play'
Thanks for the info Shoon and thanks to maimai for the site where Shoon found the game
TCD, it sounds. But its utter crap

Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post

I used the Quickstart A1200 config with an extra 4MB RAM
but, since the game is about 1MB, 2MB should be just fine

Sorry Dizz, like I said I'm not very good with written czech... ask Sensi.
Sorry, the game is so bad, its waste of time to play it and TOTAL waste of time to translate it. But it was very cheap, half a pb, half a commercial. Owner of Bohewiam Software is owner of Illusion Softworks, company that released Mafia and Hidden and Dangerous (never played any of these). And YES, there is a good czech game (one ) on Amiga. Testament. But I dont like it
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