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8GB - Pravda on 8bitpeoples

(seeing as Viddi posted here his Amiga powered music productions, I hope this is also a good spot to post mine )

Here's the blurb:

Format: MP3 (OPTIONAL 3″ CD-R)

“Those who lack discipline will be given some. 8GB’s Pravda (The Truth) continues their globe-trotting persuasion that has only one end: World Audiovisual Domination! 8GB’s open-minded approach to chip music twists the barriers of hardware limitations and attacks various oldschool platforms at the same time, while delivering the goods to shake booties all around and convert many chip non-believers to their regime. The Truth is out there, but the question remains: Smozhezh ti’ vi’derzhat’ pravdu?”

8GB’s launches a long overdue EP on comrade label 8bitpeoples, 4 tracks of thumping dancefloor action for you to shake your booty at. Featuring pixel artwork by kiken.corporation as usual, this *FREE* release is surely one to enjoy.

And it's completely free for you to download!
Go here:

The first track is completely Amiga created (AHX 2.03) with some effects added, the rest is a Gameboy mixed up with some drum machine and effects.

Artwork done in good old Deluxe Paint IV by yours truly of course. Can't remember the colour count, it was 32c mode but using less I think.

I can post other releases if people deem it apropriate. Maybe in another section, just let me know where.


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