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Listing details of the bugs would have been interesting...

As I have said in this thread, most of the bugs in the English version of Ambermoon are plain text typo's in the script files. They can easily be found and fixed with a series of tools which have been released over the years. (To decrypt JH files, decompress LOB packed files, split and join the script files). There is one current problem with the tools available for editing these plain text script files. Each file has multiple CRC's (or something like CRC) in them. When you change any of the text to fix bugs you change the CRC also. Non of the tools I have re-calculate the CRC's but not changing them does not seem to have any adverse effect... but you never know.

Verifying the fixes is the hard part. Currently all the files released with v1.07 allow you to play the game through to the end.

Take care when distributing binaries. The former Thalion staff do not own the rights to Ambermoon so they cannot officially authorise publication rights to you (or anyone!)

I would recommend posting patches & scripts which can be applied by the user to their own files, rather than replacement binaries.

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