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Finished now.

Random notes:

- Main character voice acting was annoying at start but after first hour or so I felt it really fit the character. She also moves REALLY slowly.
- Nice graphics (but low resolution without options)
- Space (skip) and TAB (show hotspots) should have been available using mouse
- some hotspots are in really weird positions (I guess reason for TAB-option..)
- difficulty level is really random and some puzzles are quite illogical (like Froderick really refusing to go to <no spoilers> but then he comes with you without any complains if you use "Fly to" option.. and vice versa) = You really have to try both options every time..
- fresh "i may need this <item>" inventory idea (at least I haven't seen it previously)
- lots of "interesting" and fun dialogue (perhaps even too much..)
- interesting story

I liked it
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