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Well what it lacked in size it made up for in heart. Around 20-25 people sitting around a gaffa taped projector screen in a park with the beach just a short walk away. There were around 5 or 6 entries in the music section, most of them played on hippo player on AnakiRob's 1200. Around 4 entries in the gfx section and 3 entries in the actual demo compo. The amiga entry was an OCS/ECS demo by a spanish group. There was also a PC demo which was a fairwell for an aussie group. Also a fun c64 demo with many ducks in it.

Sorry I don't remember any of the names, I'll try and find out and report back.

Like I said, smaller than anything that goes on in Europe but for a fun night outdoors it was very cool. Its the second beach party the guys have organized and they also have an indoors party around September called Syntax which from what I have heard has been pretty successful the last couple of years.


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