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The Amiga Action Replay Utilities v2.01 *HELP*


once upon a time, in a long and distant valley, I bought my shiny new Amiga Action Replay (v1.5) in a shop in Milan - Italy - named NEWEL / NUOVA NEWEL.
Along with the "official" utility floppy (which was contained in the sealed package) I received a custom floppy, made by NEWEL's staff, which I could never run on my Amiga 500.

This floppy has a strange bootblock. When you insert it in the drive, it then jumps to track 80 and there remains, with a red screen.
The strange thing is that track 80 is absolutely empty, and the disk has no protections (I remember having asked them about it). I wanted to get a replacement, but time passed, I lived far from the shop (in another city) and I never got one. I was happy with the AAR and its "official" floppy and didn't think any more about it.

However, I still have that floppy .
(perhaps I'm the only one having it, but I hope not)
So, I dumped it into a nice new .adf file.

I uploaded two versions to The Zone:

- one with the original bootblock (the one which jumps to track 80).
I don't know if it's a protection, a virus or whatever. If someone finds it out I would be glad to know, after all these years

- one with a normal bootblock.
This one loads, shows some loading screens, credits etc., but at the end it shows a severe error onscreen and you have to reset

Is someone able to tell me where is the issue?

EDIT: of course I tried it in WinUAE, with a loaded AAR 1.5 ROM, but with the same results

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