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@Akira. IIRC , starting Icaros, it does some sort of setup, asking for usb suport, etc. if thats enabled and its recognized somehow, have a look at Tools/HDToolBox.
its a bit tricky here. it should look like: ata.device -> unit 0 -> partition 0 -> DH0/DH1
(in case of a recognized usb device you have to choose usbmss.device - i guess so)
partition 0 has to be the AROS RDB thing, the DHx are setup as FFS (or SFS). reboot aros after saving changes.
then you have to format DHX from cli ( format DRIVE=DHX NAME=WB FFS INTL ). HDToolBox again: "Switches" for DHX to make it automount/bootable.
then you can use the Tools/InstallAROS to move all files to DH0. you also have to edit DH0:boot/grub/grub.cfg, like this example (if its not done by the aros-installer - i had to add it manualy):
title AROS VBE  640x480  16bpp
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/aros-pc-i386.gz vesa=640x480x16 ATA=32bit floppy=disabled
the guide is here:
these were the steps (those i can recall) i had to do, when i installed an aros-nightly build, to make the system boot from the virtual hdd. maybe it helps somehow.

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