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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Mihcael, can you help me out with my issue?

I cant seem to install the system on my SD card.
I dont want to partition or mess with my internal drive AT ALL.
For a PeeCee to boot from ANY media it has to be marked as bootable... I'm not too sure how to do this with SD/ Mem stick etc...

Try this maybe.. (from a quick googly search)
  • Extract from the "bootable.exe" file
  • Put your SD card into reader or SD slot in computer and copy "bootable.exe" to the SD card
  • SD card behaves as disk and has assigned some letter (for example "F:"). Run shell (on winXP: menu Start - Run..., type "cmd") and change to SD card (by typing "F:" and press Enter in this example case)
  • Run "bootable.exe" You will be prompt to give right syntax as "bootable.exe F:"
  • Confirm and your SD card is bootable (Note: Doesn´t work with SanDisk Ultras "USB-Edition"!)
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