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Originally Posted by RabidRabbit View Post
In response to Immortal A1000's comments, What I think killed Commodore was firstly the new A500 chipset and then the A600. The A600 was pretty much an A500 by my reckoning. What the big C should have done would be to go straight to the A1200. However, they should have seeded the hardware to devs at least a year beforehand so that when it did launch there was software ready for it.

Also, if they hadn't wasted all the money on the A500+ and A600 then the AGA chipset could have rocked indeed. Put more money into that and improve the OS. The AGA games for example were often no different to their ECS/OCS counterparts apart from maybe different music.

Oh well. One never knows. Maybe MS will go tits up and the AMiga will rise once again! hehehe..well, we can but hope!
There is a lot to be said for the release cycle of the Amiga computers. The A600 was pretty pointless at the time (it offered even fewer expansion options than the established A500 but with the same type of specs, just a new way of manufacturing). Why the A500+ and A600 was introduced so close together is a mystery ... They might as well not have released the A500+ and just waited a bit.

I also think the A4000 was a joke in terms of hardware, it certainly disappointed many of my friends at the time when it was introduced. It didn't have built-in SCSI (instead PIO 0 IDE! eek!) and there was no "flicker fixer", i.e native 31KHz output like on the A3000. The new manufacturing method of surface mounted technology would have saved them money (fewer returns based on the volume produced) so why didn't Commodore run with the developments they had made earlier to make a really high end machine? I would have loved to see the DSP of Amiga prototypes introduced in those days, it would have made people look twice. And who knows what kind of software could have backed that?

Never mind, just my few pence worth of thoughts on the subject
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