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Originally posted by Dastardly You say the Dreamcast died because of piracy?
I dont think ANY machine ever was harmed by piracy. If that was the case then the Amiga wouldnt have lasted as long as it did...
Actually the piracy problem was not as rampant in the Amiga community as say the Atari ST. You really need a killer app for any kind of machine to make it big, that is to say, sell enough to pass the critical mass stage where there is enough of an installed base of machines to make releasing new titles onto a viable business option. Let's face it, game companies are in it, for the most part, to make money. Not neccessarily to make something that they wanna play and to have others enjoy it too. There are exceptions to this of course, but hey these are businesses and they have to make money for their investors/shareholders, wether this is for good or bad makes no difference as they are only beholding to making money so they can continue to make new titles in the future. This may be a very cynical view of it, but actually I'm being realistic, if I want to see more titles from publishers that I like then I really need to support them by buying their titles that I'm interested in playing, not bu pirating them.

Ok off my soapbox now
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