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Originally Posted by hit View Post
thats some good thing. would like to have a dat file of the full content, incl. those not yet recognized.
not sure about the naming convention, but such dat at all, would be cool
I'm not sure I understand the purpose.

Filelists are available in the same dir as the archives, the trouble though, and the reason I'm doing this, is because filenames like AFL_BMH1.DMS don't explain much.

I think I wasn't clear for those not familiar with the archives..

I'm taking AFL_BMH1.DMS from the archive, checking that it isn't already in tosec, then taking my best stab at naming it as "Budesliga Manager Hattrick (1994)(Software 2000)(De)(AGA)(Disk 1 of 3)[cr AFL]" and even if that isn't quite up to tosec-par, it's not bad, and eventually, should I ever finish, the filelist of Main Source will be: what can be taken from tosec, plus the list I'm attempting.

I'm zipping up the original .dms to retain the filename, plus the .dms which ought to be pretty original, with the name of the zip the long tosec one. (i.e. "Budesliga Manager Hattrick (1994)(Software 2000)(De)(AGA)(Disk 1 of 3)[cr AFL].zip" contains AFL_BMH1.DMS)
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