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You say the Dreamcast died because of piracy?
I dont think ANY machine ever was harmed by piracy. If that was the case then the Amiga wouldnt have lasted as long as it did.

I dont think its that simple. The original Playstation had its games copied as much as any system ever and yet it was a huge success. I think that you are right in so far as it does affect sales of games obviously, but if a machines games are easily copied, then some people will be more likely to buy one. Id actually say that a machines sales benefit from piracy and it would be in the interest of the manafacturer to make the games easy to copy.
I personally bought an Amiga BECAUSE I knew I could get free games and bought the ones I really liked. I did the same with the Playstation and Im sure Im not alone.
I think games publishers keep the price of games artificially high to soften the impact of sales lost through piracy. There will always be people who buy all of their games (I do now) but there will also be people who copy.

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